Jimmy Guerrero


Jimmy is a Las Vegas native who has been passionate about landscape architecture since high school.  He went straight into the workforce doing CADD for landscape contractors.  He loves plants and has plans to become a Master Gardener by 2024.  Jimmy’s favorite tree is the Eucalyptus microtheca and his favorite shrub is the Euphorbia rigida. He appreciates them for their faults, the former being invasive and the latter being toxic.  These plant traits also resonate with him personally – both are beautiful despite their objective flaws, and Jimmy sees those same characteristics in people and the world around us.

Jimmy loves learning from and working with the experienced landscape architecture team at LAGE Design.  Jimmy’s eye for plant design and extensive knowledge of trees and shrubs provides our team with additional expertise in creating attractive and functional environs within our projects.

When he’s having fun away from the office, Jimmy enjoys being outdoors with friends, skateboarding, listening to music, and loving his cats.