Dundee Jones Park

About This Project

The location of Dundee Jones Park has the unique benefit of being a place where neighbors can meet and recreate, colleagues can gather for lunch in a natural setting, and individuals can rehabilitate ailing bodies and minds all within a 10-minute walk of one’s home or place of work. Its proximity to nearby schools, offices, medical facilities, and increased residential density provides an opportunity to welcome multiple user groups and serve a larger segment of the population. The project scope includes overall site development, design and construction of parking, a restroom, maintenance yard, a drainage structure, and related park amenities such as playgrounds, dog park, pickleball courts, open turf area, jogging walking paths, and a 10’ trail along Jeffreys. The circulation plan includes a detached 10’ wide concrete trail along Jeffreys Street extending north to Siena Heights Drive and meets all City of Henderson trail design standards. An 8’ wide jogging/walking path within the park will tie into the trail and will provide a 1/3-mile experience, with the overall park loop providing a ½ mile experience. With continued development in West Henderson, the population who will live within a 10-minute walk of this park will steadily increase, supporting the City’s commitment to this ambitious accessibility initiative. Being surrounded by several segments of the award-winning Henderson trail system, Dundee Jones Park will be a connective hub for trail users throughout West Henderson. By providing access from the St. Rose Parkway, Seven Hills, Anthem Neighborhood, and Maryland Trails the park can serve as a destination within the trail system, thus serving a larger portion of the community.