Silverado Ranch Community Center

The Silverado Ranch Community Center, a 36,900 square-foot facility, is built on the north side of the current Silverado Ranch Park. This recreation center is designed to cater to the vibrant community by offering indoor sports facilities, meeting spaces, and various Clark County recreation programs. The project emphasizes promoting health and wellness by incorporating elements of the park into the indoor environment.

In addition to the existing park amenities, the project will introduce a new outdoor performance plaza at Silverado Ranch Park. This plaza will be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to host a variety of performances and will feature a tiered artificial turf area for audience seating. While connected to a large drop-off area at the entrance, the pedestrian-only space can be secured for large community events. The plaza will also seamlessly connect the new building to the existing park trails. From the spacious multipurpose room inside, visitors can enjoy views of the performance plaza, and large folding doors will allow for a versatile indoor-outdoor gathering space.