Sunset Park Pickleball Complex

About This Project

With nearly 3.5 million players, pickleball is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, with a nearly 30% growth rate from 2015 to 2018, creating the demand for a national tournament level pickleball facility within the Clark County Park system. Given the wide multi-generational appeal of the sport, it was decided that the facility should be located within the locally iconic Sunset Park. As prime consultant, LAGE Design provided both the landscape architectural design service, as well as leadership and coordination between ownership and within the overall design team.

A unique set of challenges presented themselves during the project. Given the sport’s recent surge in popularity, only a few facilities exist to reference as case studies and invariably all these facilities had reported design shortcomings. LAGE coordinated with Las Vegas Pickleball Ambassador and authority, John Sloan of Las Vegas Pickleball, as well as the North Las Vegas Pickleball Ambassador, Felton Hyche, to gain player level insight at the beginning of the conceptual design phase and throughout the process. The construction scheduling and overall location within the park was another challenge. LAGE and the design team were able to work through multiple value engineering exercises and design refinements to bring the project estimate within budget, and without sacrificing any significant facility amenities.

The scope of this project included providing 24 post tension/sleeved concrete courts with acrylic court surfacing, lines, nets, posts, and sleeves; vinyl coated chain link fence and windscreens; planting and irrigation design; 17 metal roofed shade ramadas; one pre-engineered restroom storage building; and one pre-engineered Tournament Command Center / CC Parks Sports office / IT building, with covered central architectural breezeway. In addition, the design includes sports lighting for courts. Site furnishings included pre-cast ADA compliant picnic tables, benches, and litter receptacles, as well as a 25’-0’ lighted flag pole. With expectations high, this facility is expected to set the standard and serve as a model facility of which Clark County can be proud.