Sunset Road Linear Park

Imagine stepping into the vibrant heart of Cadence, where every corner breathes life into the community. Here, the open spaces not only amplify the public scene but also infuse it with an undeniable charm and value. Trail corridors weave through the landscape, inviting exploration while offering a respite under the cool embrace of shaded pathways that echo with the soothing sounds of nature.

At the core of Cadence’s parks and open spaces is a commitment to seamless integration, linking every facet of the community into a cohesive whole. These meticulously planned trails and sidewalks ensure safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists alike, fostering a culture of active living and reducing reliance on automobiles. As the arteries of Cadence, they lead residents and visitors alike to urban parks and plazas nestled within commercial hubs, enriching the tapestry of the community.

But these spaces are more than just pathways; they are guardians of the environment, managing surface water runoff and providing sanctuary for local wildlife. From the majestic flight of birds drawn from the nearby Las Vegas Wash to the intricate dance of flora and fauna, Cadence’s open spaces form a dynamic ecosystem.

Together, they create a living, breathing symphony of open space—a tapestry of interconnected beauty where every element plays a vital role. To alter or eliminate any part would disrupt this delicate balance, underscoring the indispensable role these spaces play in the soul of Cadence.

Features: BBQ Areas, Propane Fire Tables, Shaded Table Tennis and Corn Hole